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“I was watching a lot of BBC’s This Farming Life during covid…

I saw these super gorgeous sheep… I was smitten and had to have some!

And so a new adventure began.”

Buy The Best

“Buy the best” I was always taught. But what was the best? Much reading and research was required. I joined the Valais Blacknose Breed Society, and so my education began. The breed originates from the Valais canton of Switzerland, grazing in the Alps in the summer and being housed in the winter. There is evidence that the Blacknose has existed since the 15th century.

UK enthusiasts started importing the Breed in 2014. Since then a steady following of breeders and hobbyists have acquired and bred their own Valais Blacknose.

Jenny acquired her first 3 ewes in November 2020, from the Snowdonia flock, who had won several top prizes with their ewes and lambs over preceding years.

The Valais Blacknose

The Valais Blacknose Skeep have been described as “the cutest sheep in the world” due to their black faces, ears, knees, feet and beautifully shaggy white fluffy fleece, as well as their friendly temperament.

Both rams and ewes also have the most magnificently engraved spiral horns which start to grow within the first few weeks of birth.

The Breed Society

In August 2022 I took four ewes and my Ram “Mr. Ignite” to the Breed Society show known as Black Beauties, at Carlisle. On the first day the sheep are “graded” by two judges, based on three categories of Appearance, Conformation and Wool.

The highest score for an under 1 year old is 4-4-4, under 2 years old is 5-5-5, and under 3 years old is 6-6-6. I was delighted with my results as a newcomer at my first show. one of my ewes scored maximum points (only 23% of the 235 entrants got a maximum score), and my other three ewes and Ram only dropped one point each.

Those high scores secured 4 of them going through to the show the next day where I won two 3rds, one 4th, and one 5th place.

“I love interacting with the sheep on a daily basis. They are very friendly and love lots of attention.”

Blacknose Beauties

Myself with Snowdonia Indi who gained the coveted Maximum Points at the Blacknose Beauties 2022 show.


Myself with Moorahill Ignite, a large, super-friendly and impressive boy, who dropped just one point (through my grooming mistake) and came 5th in his class behind 4 Maximum Point Rams and in front of 15 others.